Are the dog bow ties available in multiple sizes?
Yes, the dog bow ties are available in small and large sizes. The small size is approximately 2.75” x 3.75” (7cm x 9.5cm) and the large size is approximately 3.75” x 4.75” (9.5cm x 12cm).

What size bow tie will fit my dog best?
We generally recommend size small for small to medium sized dogs and recommend large size for medium to large sized dogs. The right size will depend on the personal preference.

Does the dog bow tie come with a dog collar?
No, Benni Barker does not currently carry any dog collars or leashes. Please join our newsletter to stay informed about future product launches.

How does the dog bow tie attach to a dog collar?
The dog bow tie attaches to a dog’s collar through the center loop. We include a Velcro® strip with each order which will help you tighten the fit to the dog’s collar if necessary. We have uploaded a video “Benni Barker Bow Tie Velcro Attachment” on how this works on our Vimeo® video channel.

Will the dog bow ties fit any size collar?
No, the small sized dog bow ties will generally fit dog collars up to ½ inch wide. The large sized dog bow ties will generally fit dog collars up to ¾ inch wide.

What fabric are the dog bow ties made out of?
We use a variety of fabrics in creating our products. Fabric details are listed on each product’s page in the shop. Current collections include cotton, satin and polyester blend fabrics.

How do I clean and maintain my dog’s bow tie?
Generally, we recommend hand washing gently and air-drying. Specific instructions vary depending on the type of fabric the bow tie is made of. We have created a “Care Instructions” page where you can see detailed instructions listed for each collection.

Where are the dog bow ties made?
All of our products are made in Los Angeles, CA (USA).