• Dog Bow Ties: Pin Dots Collection

    While polka dots are a traditional print, the Benni Barker Pin Dots Collection offers a playful yet more grown-up look, perfect for your dog while in your work place or the weekend. Pin Dots are flirty and fun. A classic style that will add a new dimension to your dog's everyday look.

    This collection is made of 100% Cotton.

    Creases on the bow ties will occur with normal wear.

    We recommend to hand wash gently in warm water with mild laundry detergent, and let air-dry. Cotton prints are known to fade with multiple washes so if possible, use a color safe laundry detergent. To iron, aim the iron at the wrinkles and creases to smooth out the lines in the fabric. You may use a spray on starch to protect the bow tie from stains and give it a crisper look and feel. Use a steam iron or sprits the fabric with water and iron on medium heat setting.


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