• Dog Bow Ties: Gingham Collection

    Imagine fields of meadow, white fences and horses. Gingham is a classic pattern with a more town than country, retro American vibe that will make you want to throw a picnic or weekend BBQ. Our Benni Barker Gingham style is fresh, bold and urbane and will give your dogs bow tie collection an instant seasonal update.

    The Gingham Collection is made of chiffon polyester known for being smooth, lustrous, and lightweight.

    Creases on the bow ties will occur with normal wear.

    Due to this collections delicate nature, we recommend to hand wash gently in cold or warm water with mild laundry detergent, and let air-dry. To iron, set the iron to a low heat or cool setting and aim the iron at the wrinkles and creases to smooth out the lines in the fabric. You may use a spray on starch to protect the bow tie from stains and give it a crisper look and feel.


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